Our Family - Jesse, Jen, & our two little ones, Jesse Jr. & Jean-Pierre...

Heartland Goats, also known as Jesse & Jen Heartland Ranch, is a small meat goat ranch outside Yosemite, California. They specialize in Kiko meat goats from New Zealand. Their Goats have been featured across countless dinner tables & have received mouth-watering reviews! They have been providing meat to the Heartland of California, San Joaquin Valley, for almost 5 years. 
Before becoming Goat Ranchers, while working for Gibson Guitars, Jesse was seeking something more fulfilling in life & traveled all over the West Coast looking for it. It was immediately after meeting Jennifer that they both began looking for a place to start out. Deep in the Sierra foothills outside Yosemite they found the perfect plot of land to raise their two children, Jesse Jr. & little Jean-Pierre!
They have spent the last five years curating the best Goats they could find, in terms of a natural parasite resistance, a superb mothering ability and a succulent meatiness.

Check us out in the wild!: